Price Transparency

Staff Introduction:

ANB Law Solicitors currently comprises a strong 12 members team and is headed by the Principal, Amir Butt. We are not a partnership or a limited company.

Amir Butt – solicitor – Principal:

Amir is Principal of the firm. He is ultimately responsible for running of the practice, regulatory compliance and delivery of legal services. He joined legal profession in 1999 and have since then worked in small and medium size firms. He set up the firm in November 2007 after moving away from a partnership.

He specialises in:

  • Commercial property transactions- acting for the commercial landlords and the business tenants, sale and purchase of freehold and leasehold commercial properties, mortgages and remortgages
  • Business sales and purchases- both as assets sale/purchase and shares sale/purchase
  • Development land, conditional contracts, options to purchase land subject to planning permission and overage agreements. This is in respect of both the commercial and residential land
  • Dealing with plot sales and purchases
  • Creation of residential leases and ancillary documents
  • Complex and high-end residential and commercial property transactions
  • Splitting of title deeds
  • Portfolios building
  • Private mortgages and trust declarations
  • Auction properties

Tracey Ward – Senior Conveyancer and Team Leader:

Tracey is a senior residential property conveyancer and joined the firm in 2011 after having worked in London and local law firms. She is highly experienced in all kinds of simple and complex conveyancing matters and has a solid reputation on delivering the results for her clients. She has helped several clients to build property portfolios.

Tracey also heads her own team.

Shaleena Hussain – Solicitor

Shaleena joined the firm as a trainee solicitor and qualified in 2014. She has since then stayed with the firm whilst taking time out to start her family. She specialises in residential properties and deal with all aspects of residential transactions.

Simon Smith – Conveyancing Executive:

Simon Smith joined the practice in 2015 as an experienced legal assistant within the residential conveyancing team and has since then been promoted to deal with his own case load. Simon is part of Tracey’s team and answerable to Tracey Ward.

Imran Kassam- Conveyancing Executive:

Imran joined the practice in 2015 as a para legal assisting and then working along side Amir Butt. He has since progress to have his own workload and client base. He deals with residential conveyancing, commercial conveyancing, extension of leases, new builds, plot sales and purchases of residential and commercial properties, auction properties, private mortgages and trust declarations.

Time frames:

Following are the estimated time frames for different types of standard and non-complex transactions. However, it is very much dependent on number of external matters, such as how complex the matter might be, issues with the title deeds, leasehold title deeds, mortgage related conditions and length of a chain of transactions etc. please see below list of number of events/issues which affect the timeframe and sometimes corresponding costs.

Residential sale and purchase: 8-16 weeks
Remortgages and mortgages: 4-6 weeks
commercial leases: 4-8 weeks
business sales and purchases: 6-10 weeks
Wills: 3-5 weeks after receipt of full instructions

Costs information:

Our fees cover the work required to complete the sale of your existing home and/or purchase of your new home. This is typically from start to finish. If the matter does not complete, you will be charged an abortive fee based on the time spent but it should not exceed the overall quote unless the matters are protracted. We will let you know of any charges in advance.

The costs have been worked out on the basis that this is a fairly standard transactions and without there being any complications. Furthermore, there is only one set of title deeds. Like most firms, our fees do not cover each and every eventuality and issues in relation to the transaction. Please see below the factors which will affect the time and the costs.

Our fees:

Our fees are typically charged based on the value of the property, class of title, nature of the client (i.e. whether it is a company or a person or if it is the person) and therefore, we can only offer a range of fees.

ANB Law Solicitors legal fees £450.00 – £3,000.00
VAT @ 20% £90.00 – £600.00
ANB Law Solicitors fees for dealing with electronic transfer of funds (per transfer) £30.00
VAT @ 20% £6.00
ANB Law Solicitors legal fees £576.00 – £3,636.00
Disbursements: Please see below note on disbursements.

We have set out below typical disbursements.

Local authority search £110.00 – £350.00
Water authority search £30.00 -£90.00
Environmental search £53.00 – £125.00
 Chancel repair search  £20.00-£30.00
Electronic identity check per person £12.00
Lawyers checker £12.00
Land charges searches/land registry search £2.00-£15.00



These are the payments which we make on behalf of our clients. These include land registry charges for obtaining official documents, carrying out any bankruptcy searches, official searches of the title deeds, land registry fees to register the property in your name in the event of purchase of the property, stamp duty (if applicable). In the event of the title deeds being leasehold, further fees would need to be paid to the landlord/management company to comply with their requirements. Each landlord/management company will have different requirements and different fees. However, you should budget anywhere between £300.00-£750.00.

Disbursements vary according to the type of title deeds, location of the property, value of the property and applicable rates at the time of the transaction.

Please note that in relation to sale of the property, our fees include dealing with redemption of single mortgage on the property. In relation to purchase, our fees include dealing with acting for the lender (if the mortgage offer is in our firm’s name as the client’s solicitors) and dealing with submission of stamp duty land tax return.

Notwithstanding, there being a wide range of fees which can be charged, we will always quote at the beginning and for your peace of mind, it is a fixed fee quote on the assumption of a straightforward transaction and there being no factors which may affect the time.

You can search the internet for an up-to-date calculation of stamp duty and Land Registry fees.


Referral Fees:

Occasionally, an estate agent and/or a mortgage broker may introduce your client to us which, they will charge an introducer fee, if any. This fee will be determined by the introducer. We currently pay fees in the region of £100-£200 plus VAT and we may add the fee to the legal fees we charged you.

Factors affecting the time and costs:

There are number of typical factors which affect the time it takes to complete a transaction and corresponding costs. Please do not make any firm removal and any other arrangements until such time we have exchanged contracts. Until such time, any party can withdraw from the transaction without there being very little or no consequences.

  • Delay in getting initial documents from clients and funds on account of initial costs and disbursements
  • Missing documents
  • Missing guarantees/certificates
  • Delay in issuing the contract pack by the seller’s lawyers
  • Delay in getting initial documents from the seller’s solicitors
  • Issues with the title deeds
  • Creating new rights/easements in relation to the property
  • Breach of matters set out in the title deeds and having to deal with these
  • Property containing both the freehold and leasehold title deeds, for example where the house is freehold but the garage is on a leasehold title.
  • Property comprising more than one or more title deeds and/or several underlying conveyances, transfers and deeds
  • Dealing with unilateral notices
  • New build
  • Unregistered land
  • Shared ownership schemes
  • Trusts
  • Where purchase is by using a help to buy scheme and whether it is an equity loan or an ISA
  • Purchase at an auction
  • Repossessed property
  • Extent of the land comprising the title deeds not corresponding with the extent of the actual land being disposed of
  • Lack of building regulations and/or planning permissions and/or issues with the same
  • Delays caused by third parties
  • Delay caused by searches to be carried out in respect of the property.
  • Length of the chain
  • Financial gifts made by third parties to find the transaction
  • Establishing source of funds to be used in the transaction, where the bank statements are not available, or funds are spread over several accounts or where funds are coming from third party or where source of money is not clear or requires further investigation.
  • Issues highlighted in the surveyor’s report/valuation report.
  • The mortgage company instructing its own solicitors to act for it
  • Company purchase/disposal by the company and consequent dealing with board resolutions and deed of guarantees.
  • Complex stamp duty land tax schemes
  • registration of legal charges at the Companies House
  • removal of legal charges from the Companies House

Please note that the list is not exhaustive.

What is included:

We have set out guides which clients might find useful. These set out the procedure and who does what and what is included within our services. Clients will be charged a fair and reasonable fee in respect of anything not typically included in our standard fees.
Please see below list of additional charges.

List of additional charges:

No. Additional services £
 1. Independent verification of the seller’s solicitors’ bank account against the database held by the leading mortgage lenders panel 10.00 plus VAT
2. Help to buy ISA- for each bonus claim 50.00 plus VAT
3. Registration of legal charge at the Companies House 75.00 plus VAT
4. Help to buy  equity scheme 100.00-150.00 plus VAT
5. Board resolutions 125.00 plus VAT
6. Removal of the legal charge from the company records 150.00 plus VAT
7. Dealing with any financial gift to be made to the buyer of a property 95.00-250.00 plus VAT
8. Dealing with removal of a secured charge ( other than the mortgage) against the property 125.00 – 600.00 plus VAT
9. Dealing with  removal of pending application against bankruptcy 125.00 – 600.00 plus VAT
10. Dealing with assured shorthold tenancy agreement and rent apportionments – per agreement 150.00 plus VAT
11.  Dealing with a bankrupt estate  225.00 per hour plus VAT
12. Dealing with extended anti-money laundering provisions/source of money enquiry 225.00 per hour plus VAT
13. Dealing with removal of  private legal mortgage (each charge) 450.00 plus VAT
14. Declaration of trust 450.00 – 1,800.00 plus VAT
15. Deed of easements 450.00 – 1,800.00 plus VAT
16. Deed of variation of lease 450.00 – 1,800.00 plus VAT
17.  Leasehold enfranchisement 225.00 per hour plus VAT
18.  Auction properties 850.00 – 3,000.00 plus VAT
19. Dealing with solar panels 250.00 – 350.00 plus VAT

Please note that VAT is charged at 20%.